Spoilerpiece Theatre Episode 156: SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING

“Spoilerpiece Theatre” is a weekly movie podcast where I talk about new releases with fellow BOFCA critics Dave Riedel and Kris Jenson. We don’t give a shit about spoilers. We just want to talk about the movies.

In Episode 156 below, we review Caddyshack, Outside Providence, Outsourced, A Fistful of Dollars, and Spider-Man: Homecoming. This week we discuss our favorite Beach Boys song before we talk movies. We only have one big film to talk about, so we spend some time catching up on others they caught recently. In a segment of “Evan Can Wait” aka “Crewind,” I share my experiences watching Caddyshack (6:08) and Outside Providence (14:01) again, as well as my first-time viewing of the romantic comedy Outsourced (20:00). Then Dave recaps his latest time through A Fistful of Dollars (26:29), where he talks about what it has in common with other Sergio Leone Westerns and samurai films. Lastly, we all team up to review Spider-Man: Homecoming (33:40), a Marvel superhero outing that we all really enjoy with believable teenagers facing believable troubles.

Evan Crean

Hello! My name is Evan Crean. By day I work for a marketing agency, but by night, I’m a film critic based in Boston, MA who has been at it since 2009. I have written hundreds of movie reviews and celebrity interviews for Starpulse.com. I have also contributed pieces to NewEnglandFilm.com. In addition to publishing short form work, I am a co-author of the book Your ’80s Movie Guide to Better Living, which is available on CreateSpace and Amazon. On top of writing, I co-host and edit the weekly film podcast Spoilerpiece Theatre with two other Boston film critics. I’m a founding member and the current treasurer for the Boston Online Film Critics Association as well. Lastly, I’m the marketing director and a contributor to Boston Reel, a site dedicated to Boston’s independent film culture. Have any questions or comments about my work? Please feel free to email me (Evan Crean) at: ecrean AT reelrecon DOT COM .