Spoilerpiece Theatre Episode 77: Tangentpiece Theatre

“Spoilerpiece Theatre” is a weekly movie podcast where I talk about new releases with fellow BOFCA critics Dave Riedel and Kris Jenson. We don’t give a shit about spoilers. We just want to talk about the movies.

In Episode 77 below, I was sick, and since the guys normally record at my place, we decided to do something different. Because a lot of listeners asked to hear tangents that have been cut or shortened, we shared our favorite ones from 2015 in this mini episode. First up, is a conversation Kris and I had in Episode 65 about Donald Trump that poses an interesting theory about the billionaire. Next is a little story about the time Dave got bacterial meningitis and missed six weeks of work. Finally, Kris introduces some tangents that further explore his burrito obsession. We hope you enjoy the show!